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The Pharmacy Controller SQL Prescriptions


This will be your main prescription data entry module and will handle the issuing, tracking and protocol control of prescriptions. All labels and/or National Benefit forms are printed at this stage. For network environments, users are assigned to every individual prescription. All necessary validation, pricing and protocol checks are in full operation. Users can usually perform this screen with the utmost confidence.

The repeat module will perform as efficiently as the Prescriptions module. Users will not normally have to change of modify any data and the system will alert users if there is the minutest of change whether in price, drug/item, doctor, protocol, etc. Users will also be allowed to print a reminder list of all patients due for repeats for a period along with mailing labels with which you can use to email your reminders out. We have learned that pharmacies lose large sums of revenue simply because they are not sufficiently equipped to maintain contact/track these patients.

Users are also able to monitor the prescription history of a particular doctor. Patient allergy codes are also used in protecting against those drugs being prescribed. An efficient counter sales (OTC) module is also provided.

Our National Formulary is distributed in electronic format annually. If your country has a similar facility, these items can be added to your current list of Special Benefit items and become active in your daily inventory file. This process is optional to the licensed owner(s) of Pharmacy Controller SQL and can be carried out on-line by INFOSYSINC.

Certain modifications will be required to the inventory file to facilitate the update process.