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The Pharmacy Controller SQL Overview


Pharmacy Management Information Systems integrated with Quickbooks point of sale for your total pharmacy management solution from dispensary to back office administration.

Pharmacy Controller SQL - Total dispensary management and control

This fast and efficient database system does what the name suggests by managing and controlling ALL Patient/Doctor/Prescription/Inventory data and records - virtually all of the functions your pharmacist will perform.

We present to you a whole new paradigm in pharmacy/dispensary operations. Not just a dispensing system but a complete state-of-the-art patient counseling, clinical pharmacology, drug-drug interactions, Allergy Reactions and Internet-ready Drug Information database management tool. Controlling virtually every aspect of Pharmacy, this MIS product will put information at the finger tips of its users and without a doubt, make their jobs more satisfying and their work more efficient.

Primary objectives of the Pharmacy Controller SQL:

Some key features: