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The Pharmacy Controller SQL Overview


The following is a basic outline of the most user friendly pharmacy system available in the region today.

Ask yourself a few questions... How can I maximize the potential of my pharmacy? How can I provide the best customer service? How can I increase revenue so as to expand these services? Are you able to effectively track and perform repeat RXs to provide accurate patient counseling and ensure revenue? Now we ask you: What is the fastest time it took you to fill a prescription? four minutes or more? Well, that's much too long and your customers, on average, spend more time waiting to have RXs filled than is necessary.

If these troubling questions have been causing some concern; THE PHARMACY CONTROLLER SQL IS HERE! Why the Pharmacy Controller SQL? Let's try to answer a few: firstly, we give you our personal guarantee that you can fill a prescription in 30 seconds with labels printed. Seems impossible? Well, this is what some of our clients have been able to achieve. Of course to achieve this, you would have to acquire a taste for the product - say one week of daily use. IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE. Secondly, with efficiency at this level your customer service has increased significantly. Customers don't only come to your

pharmacy because you have what they need (others carry products they need also) but how do you retain this vital clientele? by utilizing efficient customer service-oriented systems. Thirdly, you have just begun the process of maximizing your company's potential.

Our product offers a whole new world of possibilities to your pharmacy operations. Our objective was simply not to provide another dispensing package but a complete state-of-the-art patient counseling, clinical pharmacology, drug-drug interactions, Allergy Reactions and Internet-ready Drug Information database management tool. To this end our product is proudly called The Pharmacy Controller SQL. Controlling virtually every aspect of Pharmacy, this MIS product will put information at the finger tips of its users and without a doubt make their jobs more satisfying and their work more efficient.

It has been designed through consultation with experienced pharmacists and produces several different reports all of which you will find valuable in controlling drug/inventory/patient/audit information. An API facility allows Pharmacy Controller SQL to 'talk' to users at POS positions entering sales. This can be configured to work best with your company's method of operation and linked to your drug inventory file. The Pharmacy Controller SQL will pull inventory item prices from your POS server to aid in Rx pricing for customers. This way, dispensary prices will always match POS (front store) prices. Here are some of its features: